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Magic Wands 101

Magic Wands: Things to think about

Magic Wands & Persona Massagers come in many different speed settings and power. Some are rechargeable, some use replaceable batteries and some are corded and need a direct source of electricity. Size of the massager is also something to think about. From mini massagers to full size magic wands, often, but not always, the size of the  massager will determine the power it can produce. 

Many battery-powered and rechargeable massagers have multiple settings that allow the user to adjust the strength of vibration. If you’re buying your first massager, it’s important to buy one that has multiple settings so you have room to experiment. Another important feature to consider is how the user is able to change the speed settings. The ability to easily change the speed settings is important if you want to adjust the power levels without having to interrupt your session.

If you have the opportunity to shop for vibrators in person, your nose can tell you a lot about how much vibration will be comfortable for you. If you hold the vibrator up to the tip of your nose and you feel like sneezing, that level of vibration may be too much to handle on more sensitive areas of your body.

For beginners a great choice is the JimmyJane Evoke. This massager has a vibrating will that allows the user to easily roll it over the contours of all parts of the body. For super strong massagers, take a look at the Vibratex . For a wide-variety of mid-power settings, check out the Lelo Smart Wand 


One of the most important factors in deciding which massager is right for you, is how it is powered. Your choice is between battery-powered, electric (corded), and rechargeable. Battery-powered and rechargeable vibrators are both more portable and easier to travel with, however they can be limited in the duration they can be used without interuption or before they need to be recharged. Electric (corded) massagers need to be plugged in to a wall receptacle to work. Electric massagers not only last a lot longer they usually can provide a lot more power. Without fail, battery operated and rechargeable massagers always tend to run out of power at the most inopportune time.

The power source of the massager will affect its price. While battery-powered vibrators may not last as long, they will also most likely be less expensive to purchase. The cost of replacement batteries should also be considered in the price of the massager. If you're buying your first massager start with something more affordable. This will allow you to determine which direction to go when deciding on what type of massager works best for you without costing an arm and a leg. On the other hand, if you already know what you're looking for, don't be afraid to spend a little more for a quality massager. 


If privacy and discreetness is important to you, considering the amount of noise the massager makes is a must. Some massagers can be rather loud, so if you have roommates or other people living in the same home, you will want to find a massager that doesnt sound like a jackhammer to operate. A good rule of thumb to start with is, softer toys will make less sound than harder ones. For example, wands with a hard, vinyl or plastic head will have an audible rumble. Usually, the more power a massager produces, the louder it is.


The material the magic wand is made of can make a huge difference in the overall performance and may also affect how it feels against your body. Silicone is a softer material and will provide a softer feel and a more subtle vibraton. For the strongest vibration, your best bet is to go with a massager made of a harder material such as a hard plastic.