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Q) Can I return a Massager or Magic Wand if I opened the packaging but didnt use the item?

A) Due to the personal nature of Massagerss and Magic Wands we unfortunately can not accept any opened packages. The same holds true for oils, lotions and any other item of a personal nature.


Q) What if my product is defective?

A) Products with a manufacturing defect must be reported within 14 days from receipt. Contact EvesBodyShop.com regarding your replacement and return.All returns require an RMA#. Claim forms are included with each packing slip or you can contact us for an additional one.


Q) How do I return an item?

A) For any returns you have, you must contact us via email or phone to obtain an RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization #) Items returned without this RMA# cannot be accepted. https://evesbodyshop.com/pages/contact-us


Q) What if my package is delivered damaged?

A) All merchandise leaves the store in perfect condition. All concealed damages must be reported to Eve's Body Shop within 48hrs from receipt of goods. if you receive a shipment with exterior packaging damage, has been opened, or retaped, you MUST FILE A CLAIM AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY WITH THE DELIVERY DRIVER. The driver must make a notation on his delievery record for that shipment.

You should also save all packaging material for inspection by the delivering carrier. You should also advise EvesBodyShop.com immediately and we will follow up on the claim for you. The delivering carrier will credit Eve's Body Shop, the shipper, and we will in turn, credit your account.

Your cooperation is paramount to the success of receiving credit for a claim. All damages must be notated by delivering driver on the shipment record, at the time of delivery. Without this notation, no claims will be accepted.


Q) What if I pay for an item but do not receive it?

A) All orders are double checked before shipping and we have procedures in place to prevent mis-shipments, however rare, they can occure. Make sure you double and triple check the packaging matierials. often times smaller items can be missed or thrown away with the packaging material. Also, you should double check your other items to confirm they are correct or if the missing item was actually sent as a wrong item.

Report any discrepancies to us within 48hrs of receipt and we will make sure you are taking care of.


Q) Can a garment be returned or exchanged for a different size?

A) Unfortunately, due to State and Federal Health Codes, there can be no exchanges for opened items intended to be worn over the genitals or are of a personal nature. In some cases, packaged items that are unopened and in a re-sellable condition, including packaging, an exchanged can be authorized. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the consumer. If a wrong sized was shipped, EvesBodyShop.com will cover the shipping of the corrected item to you.


Q) If I sign up for your email subscription, what, and how often, will you be sending me? I really don't need any more junk mail or spam.

A) We email rarely, but when we do, it's only to send you unpublished discounts and sales. Trust us, you want to subscribe.


Q) Is EvesBodyShop.com a porn site?

A) Eve's is definitely not a porn site. First and foremost EvesBodyShop.com is a place where no judgements are made and is all-inclusive. Regardless of your biological sex, your given sex, or your preferred gender, Eve's is a place to gain knowledge and experiences and share new ideas. Eves Body Shop is intended for every woman, no matter age, no matter experience level, no matter fetishes.


Q) Is it Important to clean my Magic Wand?

A) If you intend to share toys with someone else, or you plan to use the same toy for vaginal and anal insertion, you can put a condom on the toy. By doing this, you will not need to get up to wash the toy thoroughly before using it again; you can just wrap it in a new condom. This should be done before another person uses it, and before you put it in a vagina after it has been in an anus. Anal bacteria can really wreak havoc on a vagina, so vigilantly try to keep it out of there. 

Some vibrators are waterproof and can be cleaned like one might wash a dish, with soap and water. The ones that are not waterproof should never be submerged in water, as this can destroy a motor. They can be cleaned with a rag with soap and water.

Silicone toys can also be cleaned with soap and water, put through the wash cycle of a dishwasher on the top rack, or boiled only if they are 100% silicone. Use only water-based lubricants with silicone toys. Silicone lubricants can break down the surfaces of silicone toys.

Rubber toys, including jelly toys, are porous which gives bacteria the perfect little hidey holes they love for setting up house. Wrapping them in a condom for use is an excellent way to keep them clean. There are also anti-bacterial toy cleaning detergents and wipes available through our catalog. Its important to read the directions as many of these products require that they be rinsed after wiping. 

Skin simulating rubber compounds are usually semi-porous materials. Therefore, extra care should be taken to clean and rinse them thoroughly between uses. Pat dry and dust them with corn starch to keep them from being sticky and to restore their original delectable skin-like texture. 

All toys should be completely rinsed and dried prior to storage to keep them in the best quality possible.


Q)  Solo Activities- Sounds fun, but whats in it for me?

A) Most people learn what they enjoy sexually by exploring what feels good when they touch themselves. As our bodies age and change, so may our desires and techniques. Masturbation can be an integral part of knowing ourselves and what we enjoy or dont, regardless of how young or old. Believe it or not, lots of people masturbate in lots of different ways. If your masturbation routine could use some spicing up, be sure to check out our catalog for ideas of activities and sensations you might like to try. Masturbation is fun, its a stress reliever, a boredom basher, a mood enhancer, it can make you a better lover, and its good for you!