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Cosmo Naughty Notes Coupon Book New Edition

Cosmo Naughty Notes Coupon Book New Edition

Sterling Publishing Co.

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Cosmo's Naughty Notes. Want to tantalize and tease your loved one? Each of the 100 messages in Cosmo's bestselling little sticky pad collection is perfectly designed to excite and entice and make his imagination sizzle. Just peel out one of these racy messages and leave them on his dashboard, pillow, or wherever else he might find them...and let the fun begin! Try this: Before you pick up that new iPhone, let's tire out the camera on your last one. (We can delete the "evidence" later.) Or this... I don't plan to get out of bed all weekend. Care to join me? Or this... I dare you . . . to download a naughty movie and reenact a steamy scene with me. And if "subtle" messages like these don't do the trick, you can always use a Carnal Coupon-like the one that entitles the bearer to one lay-there-and-love-it sack session. 112 pages. 5 x 4.